Arctic Winter Games (AWG)

The Arctic Winter Games is a high profile circumpolar sport competition for northern and arctic athletes. The Games provide an opportunity to strengthen sport development in the participants’ jurisdictions, to promote the benefits of sport, to build partnerships, and to promote culture and values. The Games celebrate sport, social exchange and cultures. The Games provide an opportunity for the developing athlete to compete in friendly competition while sharing cultural values from northern regions around the world. 2014 Arctic Winter Games Handbook.

The NWTVA wants to ensure that the NWT is well represented in the sport of volleyball at the Arctic Winter Games, and to ensure that opportunities are provided for athletes from across the NWT to be selected as amember of Team NWT. The goal is to have teams be competitive, play cohesively and display good sportsmanship. The Association believes that these goals can be attained by selecting athletes that are physically fit and technically skilled and display the appropriate attidudinal qualities.


Junior Male:      born in 1997 or later
Junior Female:  born in 1997 or later

2016 Arctic Winter Games Technical Package


Andrey Balasanyan            
Braden Johnston                
Dallas Roche                    
Devon Fillion                        
Emil Balasanyan
Felix Flamand
Jerry Dion
Jordan Seymour
Taltson McQueen
Tanner Mandeville

Cody Greenland
Daniel Ives
Derian Marlow

Head Coach
Scott McQueen



Dana Landry
Emily Hamm
Hannah Schauerte
Hayly Soares
Kiah Debogorski
Megen Lafferty
Nyree Hacala
Samantha McDougall
Tamara Toole
Wynter McQueen

Cheiyenne Fontanilla
Dylan Harker
Emma Seddon

Head Coach
Chrissie Carrigan